22 January 2006


My second Netflix movie. It's a biopic of the R&B singer Ray Charles, from his beginnings in a Seattle nightclub to the 1960s. The movie begins in his hometown in Florida when he's on the way to Seattle to show off his talents, and then the film goes on through his life while flashing back to his childhood in the South. Jamie Foxx does an excellent role as Ray Charles - it's almost as if Ray Charles atually starred in the film! I mean, it's like the filmmakers downloaded the songs and made the actors lip-sync them! But that's another story. Kudos to Jamie Foxx for Best Actor in 2005 for his role in "Ray". This is actually a good moive, even better than that "Longerst Yard" junk...oops my bad. Actually, I didn't mean any bias or anything but this movie makes a good drama/intelligent movie while "Longest Yard" makes good eye candy/comedy.

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