20 January 2006


Yep that's my gpa...

2nd period - Physics (Mr. Miller) = B+ (89.5%)

3rd period - Health (Mr. Cheadle) = A-

4th period - P.E. (Mr. Quinet) = A

5th period - English 1 Accelerated (Mrs. Knoop-Troullier) = B

6th period - Geometry (Mr. Advincula) = A

7th period - Spanish 1 (Ms. Landeza) = A-

so my dream of getting 4.0 GPA all in HS life is shattered. I coudlve got a B in English but a C in the final got me down to 85gain. In the meantime, Yahoo Sports just reported that the fan who got accused of harrasing NY Knicks forward Antonio Davis "will drop threats of a lawsuit if the couple says it's sorry". Davis is suspended the next five games after he went in the stands during a game against the Chicago Bulls Thursday evening to confront 22-year-old Michael Axelrod, who he thout was harassing his wife Kendra. Davis and wife refuse to apologize to Axlerod. You know what the best solution is? Both parties should apologize to each other, and then just shurg it off. What morons. Gosh, when has the NBA enterted such a culture of violence and immoralism? I remember last year when Ron Artest was suspended for the season for the "Basketbrawl" incident with Ben Wallace. Earlier in 2002 Kobe Bryant got in a fight with a guy in the Chicago Bulls. What in the NBA bothers me the most? Shaquille O'Neal and his "ching-chong" joke to Yao Ming. That offendes me the most because I'm Chinese, and that joke defames a Chinese-American player who has proven that no matter what your race in the NBA you can always be a good ballplayer.

Meanwhile, I am seeking to beef up this Myspace a bit. Once I master HTML, I'll add the live stream of a radio station i listen to - possibly 107.7 the bone or wild 94.9, in order to promote those stations to more people, including those outside it's listennign area. And, I wanna post some pics here. So watch for more beef and stuff on my myspace.

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