21 January 2006

"The Longest Yard", sports, etc

This is the first film I've seen from my Netflix subsciption. Don't know what netflix is? It's a service where you pay a monthly fee to rent as many movies as you want trhough the mail. Anyway, this movie is about a retired quarterback (Adam Sandler) who is in jail for drunk driving; he and another inmate (Chris Rock) form a football team to compete against the Allenville football team on natinoal television. Besides very good writing and plotting, the film also is very funny from beginning to end. However, in an effort not to spoil the story, I won't tell you the jokes; you should look for them yourself. I've heard this is a remake of teh 1971 version starring Burt Reynolds; I'd rather not wath it because i don't think the 70s appeal that much to my tastes. I've heard lots of other people saying that this makes the 70s version look like crap. This film was successful in the USA, making about $151 million dollars.

Speaking of sports, I'd like to congradulate the Golden State Warriors for beating the Cleveland Cavaliers last night 99-79 without Baron Davis - he was suspended yesterday for punching Seattle Supersonics player Luke Ridnour in the chest Monday night. I'd also like to laugh at LeBron James for scoring only 14 points. Davis will play Sunday against the Clippers - I'm sure it's not gonna be too hard for the Warriors to win since they're record is pretty much the same as LA (GS is 19-19 and LAC is 20-16 as i speak)

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