15 January 2006

Kim Jong-Il's visit to Pyongyang

Just an hour ago i was watching "60 Mintues" on CBS, where Dan Rather was visiting Pyongyang, North Korea. You can check out more about it here, http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/01/12/60minutes/main1203973.shtml. Since i missed pretty much the first half of it, I went on the free video provided by CBS.com and looked there. I was pretty shocked as i watched. Basically, in North Korea citizens are controlled by the government: Where kids go to school? The government chooses. Rather also reported, "You can be locked up in Pyongyang for letting a stranger into your home." Gasp, that's why the government wouldn't let Rather go poke around the hoods of Pyongyang. Also, if you wanna watch TV or listen to radio within North Korea's borders, the government must hack and screw around with the TV/radio set so that it can recieve only NK's controlled channels. What do you think kids do in North Korea? Answer: it showed the Children's palace in Pyongyang, there were these girls playing the guzheng and dancing ballet for the "Kim Jong Il Pride" show. It showed footage of that show in the Pyongyang soccer studium, and if you wathced the show, you could see the changing images of North Korea behind the soccer field. You think it's a widescreen TV display? Wrong! It's a bunch of children who were carrying colored boards turning them around on a very accurate cue. I was saying to myself, Damn! Kids in North Korea are so disciplined and wise! If only American kids could be like that! After the segment ended, I looked online for info on North Korea, and hey. If i went there I'd be in prison, becuase I've grown up in Democratic U.S.A, not ready to bow to a Kim Jong Il (Or his daddy's i don't no his name) statue or be silent. Seriously, I AM tempted so say another bad sh** about Kim Jong Il anywhere i go. Because of the didctarship, Rather culdn't go in the povertic areas or anywhere North Korea doesn't want forienger to go to.

Man, this is why i feel good to be an American. Look, the USA has the First Amendment, and (pretty much) all its citizens have jobs, can afford a good lifestyle, and are living in piece. North Korea? The exact opposite.  The link i posted above has free video of Rather's visit; after you watch it, think about the people who live in North Korea. And then think about you and your good old American life. Feel glad that you are an American who has the right to have your voice heard to improve your nation. And please pray for freedom for North Korea. Man, am i gonna have some nighmares tonight!

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