22 January 2006

safety rant


ABC 10 Sacramento/Central Valley (KXTV) - San Joaquin Firefighter Sentenced For Sex Acts With Lodi Teen

NBC 11 San Jose/SF Bay Area (KNTV) - Missing Livermore Girl Found Dead

In the past three days...these stories and many more have appeared on the news regarding the use of Myspace. Yikes, Myspace is not only used by innocent high schoolers just hanging out and soicilizing, but by CRIMINALS who wanna aducct our children! AHH!! Delete your myspace...just kidding...now back to the subject of the child molesting. The Livermore Police said earlier that there could've been a connection between Kayla Reed's disapperence and Myspace, as she was logged in her myspace the day before she was gone (dec. 2 and 3). She could've met someone online. Yesterday afternon on KCBS-AM 740 Radio they reeported on a Rodeo (accent the e, Roh-DAY-Oh) girl who went missing; her parents supect it's gang-rlated. KCBS (not to be cofused with the CBS channel down in Los Angeles) reported that the girl's parents didn't let her use Myspace.com, but she did anyway. The inverstigation in the girl's computer does show she signed up and got hooked up with soem Latino gangstas. Apparantly all the aductions mentioned in thelinks above were caused simply because the kids actually decided to meet those people online.

I would like to take the time to remind all my fellow myspacers... (ahem)...


Is that understood?

Because it is just plain unsafe! you know that strangers u meet online will aduct and possibly kill you! Seriously, the news says so! Can't you learn anything from the news? Besides, it's not just usnafe, it's just plain stupid. If you ever get a friend invite, ALWAYS look over the person's profiel to make sure it's someone who u know. I do that. If u get suspicious or antying, DON't add the person. You could be asking for major trouble. In addition, if ur under 16, please be honest with urself and the Myspce administers and set ur birthdate properly. Myspace is programmed so that members under 16 will always have profiels site to "private"...no one except friends can view ur profile. It hides what school u go to and things that may reveal who u r. Yet it still shows what city u live in. And only ur default photo is shown - anyone who's not ur friend can't view any photo other than ur "profile" photo. So if ur legally under 16 and u've set ur birthdate so ur shown as over 16, plz be honest. Unless ur not concerned about ur privacy and want a potential child predator to target u. Oh yeah, this brings up a question many myspacers have asked, why can't I set ur profiel to private other than that? I really think that myspace thinks that after ur 17, u should be mature enough to know what to show and not. Look here for help.

Meanwhile, if ur parents won't let u sign up 4 myspace, just accept their answer and Don't. Don't do what the stupid girl did. You never know, as you might not be smart enough not to know the differnce between ur friends and eenemies online, and you eventually might end up in the same state as Kayla Reed.

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