03 February 2006

Noticed something?

Well, if any of you didn't notice that the Feb. 2 post is missing, I deleted it. Yeah, because I was afraid of getting tons and tons of hatemail. I thought back, and I'm like, wow. It's the most swearing and obscenity i've EVER done on the internet, EVER. And to anyone who was offended...no sorry because I put a warning before that entry, that you WOULD be offended! It seems that it got 7 more hits on my blog last night. If anyone who's not the 7 people who read that obscenity wants to know, it's my rant on the "Battle of the Classes" I had in my high school. The theme was cartoons, unfortunately pretty much all the choices being kiddie cartoons like "Failry Odd Parents" and "Scooby-Doo", so I expressed my dissatisfaiment in an obscene way. Well, bascially it was all bout how I hate it how some high schoolers can't "grow up" and stuff like that.

And, read my review online for "Super Size Me".

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