22 January 2006


My second Netflix movie. It's a biopic of the R&B singer Ray Charles, from his beginnings in a Seattle nightclub to the 1960s. The movie begins in his hometown in Florida when he's on the way to Seattle to show off his talents, and then the film goes on through his life while flashing back to his childhood in the South. Jamie Foxx does an excellent role as Ray Charles - it's almost as if Ray Charles atually starred in the film! I mean, it's like the filmmakers downloaded the songs and made the actors lip-sync them! But that's another story. Kudos to Jamie Foxx for Best Actor in 2005 for his role in "Ray". This is actually a good moive, even better than that "Longerst Yard" junk...oops my bad. Actually, I didn't mean any bias or anything but this movie makes a good drama/intelligent movie while "Longest Yard" makes good eye candy/comedy.

safety rant


ABC 10 Sacramento/Central Valley (KXTV) - San Joaquin Firefighter Sentenced For Sex Acts With Lodi Teen

NBC 11 San Jose/SF Bay Area (KNTV) - Missing Livermore Girl Found Dead

In the past three days...these stories and many more have appeared on the news regarding the use of Myspace. Yikes, Myspace is not only used by innocent high schoolers just hanging out and soicilizing, but by CRIMINALS who wanna aducct our children! AHH!! Delete your myspace...just kidding...now back to the subject of the child molesting. The Livermore Police said earlier that there could've been a connection between Kayla Reed's disapperence and Myspace, as she was logged in her myspace the day before she was gone (dec. 2 and 3). She could've met someone online. Yesterday afternon on KCBS-AM 740 Radio they reeported on a Rodeo (accent the e, Roh-DAY-Oh) girl who went missing; her parents supect it's gang-rlated. KCBS (not to be cofused with the CBS channel down in Los Angeles) reported that the girl's parents didn't let her use Myspace.com, but she did anyway. The inverstigation in the girl's computer does show she signed up and got hooked up with soem Latino gangstas. Apparantly all the aductions mentioned in thelinks above were caused simply because the kids actually decided to meet those people online.

I would like to take the time to remind all my fellow myspacers... (ahem)...


Is that understood?

Because it is just plain unsafe! you know that strangers u meet online will aduct and possibly kill you! Seriously, the news says so! Can't you learn anything from the news? Besides, it's not just usnafe, it's just plain stupid. If you ever get a friend invite, ALWAYS look over the person's profiel to make sure it's someone who u know. I do that. If u get suspicious or antying, DON't add the person. You could be asking for major trouble. In addition, if ur under 16, please be honest with urself and the Myspce administers and set ur birthdate properly. Myspace is programmed so that members under 16 will always have profiels site to "private"...no one except friends can view ur profile. It hides what school u go to and things that may reveal who u r. Yet it still shows what city u live in. And only ur default photo is shown - anyone who's not ur friend can't view any photo other than ur "profile" photo. So if ur legally under 16 and u've set ur birthdate so ur shown as over 16, plz be honest. Unless ur not concerned about ur privacy and want a potential child predator to target u. Oh yeah, this brings up a question many myspacers have asked, why can't I set ur profiel to private other than that? I really think that myspace thinks that after ur 17, u should be mature enough to know what to show and not. Look here for help.

Meanwhile, if ur parents won't let u sign up 4 myspace, just accept their answer and Don't. Don't do what the stupid girl did. You never know, as you might not be smart enough not to know the differnce between ur friends and eenemies online, and you eventually might end up in the same state as Kayla Reed.

21 January 2006

"The Longest Yard", sports, etc

This is the first film I've seen from my Netflix subsciption. Don't know what netflix is? It's a service where you pay a monthly fee to rent as many movies as you want trhough the mail. Anyway, this movie is about a retired quarterback (Adam Sandler) who is in jail for drunk driving; he and another inmate (Chris Rock) form a football team to compete against the Allenville football team on natinoal television. Besides very good writing and plotting, the film also is very funny from beginning to end. However, in an effort not to spoil the story, I won't tell you the jokes; you should look for them yourself. I've heard this is a remake of teh 1971 version starring Burt Reynolds; I'd rather not wath it because i don't think the 70s appeal that much to my tastes. I've heard lots of other people saying that this makes the 70s version look like crap. This film was successful in the USA, making about $151 million dollars.

Speaking of sports, I'd like to congradulate the Golden State Warriors for beating the Cleveland Cavaliers last night 99-79 without Baron Davis - he was suspended yesterday for punching Seattle Supersonics player Luke Ridnour in the chest Monday night. I'd also like to laugh at LeBron James for scoring only 14 points. Davis will play Sunday against the Clippers - I'm sure it's not gonna be too hard for the Warriors to win since they're record is pretty much the same as LA (GS is 19-19 and LAC is 20-16 as i speak)

20 January 2006


Yep that's my gpa...

2nd period - Physics (Mr. Miller) = B+ (89.5%)

3rd period - Health (Mr. Cheadle) = A-

4th period - P.E. (Mr. Quinet) = A

5th period - English 1 Accelerated (Mrs. Knoop-Troullier) = B

6th period - Geometry (Mr. Advincula) = A

7th period - Spanish 1 (Ms. Landeza) = A-

so my dream of getting 4.0 GPA all in HS life is shattered. I coudlve got a B in English but a C in the final got me down to 85gain. In the meantime, Yahoo Sports just reported that the fan who got accused of harrasing NY Knicks forward Antonio Davis "will drop threats of a lawsuit if the couple says it's sorry". Davis is suspended the next five games after he went in the stands during a game against the Chicago Bulls Thursday evening to confront 22-year-old Michael Axelrod, who he thout was harassing his wife Kendra. Davis and wife refuse to apologize to Axlerod. You know what the best solution is? Both parties should apologize to each other, and then just shurg it off. What morons. Gosh, when has the NBA enterted such a culture of violence and immoralism? I remember last year when Ron Artest was suspended for the season for the "Basketbrawl" incident with Ben Wallace. Earlier in 2002 Kobe Bryant got in a fight with a guy in the Chicago Bulls. What in the NBA bothers me the most? Shaquille O'Neal and his "ching-chong" joke to Yao Ming. That offendes me the most because I'm Chinese, and that joke defames a Chinese-American player who has proven that no matter what your race in the NBA you can always be a good ballplayer.

Meanwhile, I am seeking to beef up this Myspace a bit. Once I master HTML, I'll add the live stream of a radio station i listen to - possibly 107.7 the bone or wild 94.9, in order to promote those stations to more people, including those outside it's listennign area. And, I wanna post some pics here. So watch for more beef and stuff on my myspace.

15 January 2006

Kim Jong-Il's visit to Pyongyang

Just an hour ago i was watching "60 Mintues" on CBS, where Dan Rather was visiting Pyongyang, North Korea. You can check out more about it here, http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/01/12/60minutes/main1203973.shtml. Since i missed pretty much the first half of it, I went on the free video provided by CBS.com and looked there. I was pretty shocked as i watched. Basically, in North Korea citizens are controlled by the government: Where kids go to school? The government chooses. Rather also reported, "You can be locked up in Pyongyang for letting a stranger into your home." Gasp, that's why the government wouldn't let Rather go poke around the hoods of Pyongyang. Also, if you wanna watch TV or listen to radio within North Korea's borders, the government must hack and screw around with the TV/radio set so that it can recieve only NK's controlled channels. What do you think kids do in North Korea? Answer: it showed the Children's palace in Pyongyang, there were these girls playing the guzheng and dancing ballet for the "Kim Jong Il Pride" show. It showed footage of that show in the Pyongyang soccer studium, and if you wathced the show, you could see the changing images of North Korea behind the soccer field. You think it's a widescreen TV display? Wrong! It's a bunch of children who were carrying colored boards turning them around on a very accurate cue. I was saying to myself, Damn! Kids in North Korea are so disciplined and wise! If only American kids could be like that! After the segment ended, I looked online for info on North Korea, and hey. If i went there I'd be in prison, becuase I've grown up in Democratic U.S.A, not ready to bow to a Kim Jong Il (Or his daddy's i don't no his name) statue or be silent. Seriously, I AM tempted so say another bad sh** about Kim Jong Il anywhere i go. Because of the didctarship, Rather culdn't go in the povertic areas or anywhere North Korea doesn't want forienger to go to.

Man, this is why i feel good to be an American. Look, the USA has the First Amendment, and (pretty much) all its citizens have jobs, can afford a good lifestyle, and are living in piece. North Korea? The exact opposite.  The link i posted above has free video of Rather's visit; after you watch it, think about the people who live in North Korea. And then think about you and your good old American life. Feel glad that you are an American who has the right to have your voice heard to improve your nation. And please pray for freedom for North Korea. Man, am i gonna have some nighmares tonight!

13 January 2006

End of First Semester, Freshman Yr

Today I'm free! Until 8:15 Pacific Standard Time on Wednesday, January 18, I'm gonna be hyphy all this four-day weekend! Just 8 hours ago I was working hard on Spanish finals and now I'm just partying all night with myself. Destpite the day being Friday the 13th I breezed through the finals - in English 1/Accelerated and Spanish 1 - harly with any problems. But I know FO SHO dat I got a few questions wrong on my English finals. So after school I decided to have fun in the first time in a week. To open my hyphy weekend...I decided to do a little music critique.

Eventually, I decided to see if those Creed-haters out there were right. I've heard alot of bad comments about the rock band Creed, some people stating that they are a ripoff of good grunge like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. So last saturday i was at the library and i picked up Creed's "Greatest Hits" and Pearl Jam's "No Code" to do a little comparison. First, I insterted Creed in my computer. On Wendesday afternoon I watched the DVD of the album, saw the "With Arms Wide Open" video and it sucked. I listened to a few more tracks on Creed's GH and found out...yeah...CREED SUCKS MY D**K!!!! Then insterted Pearl Jam....Ah yeahh, just what Kurt Cobain would love! You see you b***hes who shop at Hot Topic...it's not the mainstream poser grunge like Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, or Hoobastank...FOREVER NIRVANA AND PEARL JAM!

And it's been said that this Tuesday some 7 weeks after Crips co-founder Stanley "Tookie" Williams was executed now another guy to be exectued...75-going-on-76 Clarence Ray Allen. He is accused of killing his son's girlfriend in 1974, sentenced to life in prison. Today, the Governator known as Arnold Schwarzenegger denied him clemency, just as he did on Dec. 12 to Tookie. It's been said that people don't want Allen to die because of his mental disabilities and old age. The Supreme Court says that it's curel and unusual to execute a mentally disabled becuase he/she doesn't know why the heck execution. Personally, because he cannot see and is nearly deaf, acording to the Yahoo news article, then I really think he should die. I mean, what's the point of living when 76, unable to see or hear, having been accused of murder, and being mentally disabled? Treatment is near impossible for this guy. Plus, the crime he comitted involved death to an innocent citizen; so he the accused and guilty should be given a taste of his own medicine. Oh yeah, this was also the reason to jusitify the execution of Tookie.

Hmm, what do i wanna do this 2006? 2005 was a hip year, graduating from middle school, becoming old enough to use myspace , loving a girl for the first time, mastering the complicated world of the internet, getting English 1 Accelerated. Hmm, What am I looking forward to in 2006? Let me see...

- Taking my one and only hot chick to a school dance for the first time. If i wanna first date, it better be 2006! Why be 15 without a date darnedit?

- I want Windows Vista, which according to the Wikipedia will come out July 23!

- I want a 4.0 GPA in both semesters of my feshman year, probably better in sophormore.

- This summer i wanna take Algebra II so I can take AP Calculus next year

- After a successful year in English 1A why not Englihs 2A next year...or better yet AP Englihs LIterature???

- Last year the 49ers and Raiders got the top picks in the NFL draft, yet they still sucked last year! Hopefuly the Raiders can get people who can actually play ball - Randy Moss and the new guy weren't enough it seems. Could've been way better - and f*k the 49ers, they'll never be as good as the 1990s (anyone remember Jerry Rice or Joe Montana?)

- For the first time since 1994, the Golden State Warriors will actually make the playoffs! They've been edging closer and closer since 2002-03, and now let's see if they can actually make it!