24 March 2007

New Year's Resolutions So Far...

Here were some New Year's Resolutions I established around 12/23/2006. If "[x]" is there, it's been passed. If it's been crossed out, it's either failed or modified.
[x] Stop being closed-minded toward certain taboo issues like the civil rights for disabled people and hunger
[x] Stop making up lame excuses not to participate in certain things/hide stuff
[x] Be more socially active as trevor suggested
- Get straight A's both semesters the 2nd semester and beyond
- Get a 5 on the AP World History Exam and Calculus AB exam
- Get enrolled in the AP Calculus BC in 11th grade if i follow what tom told me
[x] Quit being radical toward certain issues and understand that Animal Farm was correct about socialism.
- Become Class of 2009 President, or at least join Leadership
- Become more involved in community service
[x] Become nicer to girls/other ppl in general
- Become the boyfriend to the girl i love right now
- Become better in speaking Mandarin Chinese
- Figure out my job/college choices
- Get a job
Now for my wishes in 2007:
- Before his scheduled concert in 2007, Justin Timberlake will die.
- Ditto for Christina Aguilera and any other untalented knucklehead musical acts

- Nas will come to San Jose or nearby, at least Palo Alto (he'll be in San Francisco in May..darnit!)
- Ditto for In Flames, Slayer, any band on Headbanger's Ball
- Marriage will be defined as only between a man and woman. As for same-sex lovers...well, some other word like "autistic idiots"...
- MTV should start playing real music as opposed to the pop junk theyre playing now and they should drop theyre reality shows
- She will be my girlfriend for life
- We will find out if Tupac really died
- I will get to Calc BC AB by 11th grade

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