28 March 2007

Battle of the Classes: Two Days Left

Man, my life will be so darned busy the next two days...especially when I want to go to Battle of the Classes and a World History quiz coming up. And now I need to pay $10 for a ticket now that Leadership cut out Intermission from Battle due to time constraints. That also means that the "Unity" skit sponsored by the Hip-Hop Club in which I will participate will be performed during lunchtime on Friday 30 March. With temperatures in San Jose climbing into the mid-70s with sun and light eastern winds from the Central Valley, that means back to basketball shorts the next two days...I've been wearing long pants since the weather got colder on Monday.

I would also like to remind Live 105 that Good Charlotte is NOT alternative rock! I was listening to some good alternative music this afternoon on that station when reading today's San Jose Mercury News and I heard an advertisement promoting a Good Charlotte concert! I have loathed that band ever since I quit pop punk back in 2005 and now they want to release another album when pretty much no one cares about them anymore. Benji Madden and his group of clowns should get jobs at their local Hot Topic store or somewhere.

Today when doing Spanish homework and such I watched/listened to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" (Conan was on repeat from 11/1/2006, according to NBC schedule). Darn yesterday's "Tonight Show" was funny! The "Jaywalking" skit, where Leno interviewed women at Universal Studios Anaheim regarding women in history, shows how ignorant today's society is, given that "Jaywalking" is not scripted. Also, comedian/TV host Jeff Foxworthy appeared on the program describing his new show on Fox "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader". I fast-forwarded to "Conan" afterwards, which was a repeat from 1 November 2006, and it had a funny moment with Sasha Baron Cohen promoting "Borat" as he was messing around with Conan and even sang a parody song about Pamela Anderson! Finally, Mastodon, one of my favourite metal bands at the moment, played "Colony of Birchmen" to end the program.

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