24 March 2007

My First "Real" Blogging Experience

Wow...my first blog entry outside of my regular Myspace account. Wow. I hope that more people will take my blogging seriously if I post here, as one of my friends recommended me to. So now it's a Saturday in late March, after I've done piano lessons, the library, dentist, and dinner, and I don't feel like really doing anything now. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs, which I do post if anything remotely interesting happens in my life or current events now, and I hope I'll have fun as well.

Now, regarding Myspace, I began using it in the middle of my freshman year in high school after I heard a lot of my friends were using it. I used to be a total addict to it, using it like every day infinitely, but nowadays I use it just to keep in touch with friends in the simplest manner possible, not to do all that other [...] like surveys, hardcore designing, attention grabbing, etc. I have a lot of other [...] to deal with in life given that I have to take the AP World History Exam in 17 May and may take Math Analysis this summer. However, as technology continues advancing as time goes on, I began noticing weird [...] in the bulletins and comments section in MySpace. At first, I thought people were doing that [...] on purpose, but then I learned that it was all done by hackers. That had been going on since at least August 2006. Spam on bulletins and comments promoting the most perverted [...] on Earth: pornography, fake free gift cards, fake free iPods/electronics, you name whatever junk you can find on the Web these days. It starts when people seeking free enhancements for their Myspace profiles encounter "Myspace login pages" that are outside the actual Myspace site, and people think it's for real, so they log in with that, and that's how spam gets transmitted. And then some other clowns believe the spam is true and thus their profile gets corrupted as well. Today, when I logged in Myspace, finally, the admin stepped forward with this:
Latest Update: Mar 24, 2007 3:00pm, PST

I know a lot of you are seeing spam comments on your page. sorry about that! The super nasty ones block your other comments. They also may not be easy to delete. Here's how to get rid of them: from your home page, click "edit profile," then click "safe edit mode" in the top right corner of the edit page. next, click the "comments" tab. from here you'll be able to delete the comments individually.

just fyi, we are in the process of taking legal action against the losers behind this comment spam. bad news is that's going to take awhile because courts are slow, good news is we won some recent cases which is going to make it easy to punish the beejesus out of them. also, we're working on a filter that will stop it from happening altogether.. that should be done in a few days."

Wow, I hope when all this is over with I'm sure at least 95% of the spam on Myspace will disappear.

In other news, find me in Battle of the Classes on Friday 30 March during intermission. You will be surprised.

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