30 December 2005

Last post of 2005

Well This Is My Official Last Posting Of The Year! Tommorw and New Years Day I'm Very Busy With Persoanl Business. Before I leave for the year...look back at the most memerable events of 2005.

- Died: former "Tonight show" hose Johnny Carson (b. 1925, d. Jan. 23); actress Sandra Dee (b. 1942, d. Feb. 20); actor John Raitt (b. 1917, d. Feb. 20); brain-damaged victim Terri Shiavo (b. 1963, d. Mar. 31); Pope John Paul II (b. 1920, d. Apr. 2); R&B singer Luther Vandross (b. 1951, d. July 1); former "World News Tnoight" anchor Peter Jennings (b. 1938, d. Aug. 7); civil rights acitivist Rosa Parks (b. 1913, d. Oct. 24); children book author Stan Berenstein (b. 1923, d. Nov. 26)--heck my childhood wouldn't have been same if it wasn't for that guy; former Crips founder Stanley "Tookie" Williams (b. 1953), by execution (Dec. 13)

- Ah, we can't forget Hurricane Katrina, which devestated the gulf coast especially New Orleans. Infact, don't forget it was a record breaing hurricane season, especially Dennis, Rita, Stan, and Wilma.

- But before that was the London bombings (Jul. 7), and then the bali bombings (Oct. 1)

- Sports: The Chicago White Sox win the World Series (basball), the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl (football), and the San Antonio Spurs win the NBA Finals (basketall). Oh yeah, the NHL season was cancelled, so no Stanley Cup winner here. Sorry Sharks fans!

- Michael Jackson was acquitted, while Stanley "Tookie" Williams was not.

- And that moron Hwang Woo Suk, whose stem cell tests were FAKE!

- If i forgot anything put it in the comments

Peace 2005, hello 2006!

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