29 December 2005

Everybody Hates Chris

Right now i'm now watching "Everybody Hates Chris" on UPN. That show is pretty darned funny. Today is the episode--i think it's a rerun--where Chris goes to this all-white middle school and he got beat up by Caruso, this dude with orange hair, and the principal cathes him. But there's another white kid named Greg who actually tolerates the fact that Chris is black.

According to the WikiPedia, "this sitcom is about Chris struggling through his childhood". It seems right, as Chris's mom wants Chris to go to the mainly white jr. high school farther away as she's afraid that the mostly black jur. high school will badly influenced Chris. Oh yeah, right now chris is fighting Caruso...and then the bus driver gets the bullies away. This is my first time watching the show; it seems pretty funny and true respresentative of a typical black childhood in the '70s.

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