26 December 2005

First blog ever; Monday Night Football on ABC

I've decided to join in Myspace since it's become the hot trend in my high school. check out some project in progress right now. In english, i'm reading Lorraine Hansberry's play A Raisin in the Sun, about a black family with dreams for a better life. In Physics, i'm building a musical instrument that can play "Mary Had A Little Lamb". Anyway, all last week i was in florida on vacation, returning to the west coast on xmas evening. I went to walt disney world, universal studios, and kennedy space center in 7 days in orlando. Overall, it was very fun. I'm glad to be back home so that i can finish unfinised business. Anyway right now i can't really think of anything to complain, rant, or comment about so sayonara for now.

Well it's pretty sad to see "Monday Night Football" depart from ABC the day after Christmas. Today the New England Patriots beat the New York Jets 31-21. Some of you other football fans will laugh all because it's only a network change but it's sad for me because I don't have cable at home and on Monday nghts during NFL season i won't really have anything good to watch. R.I.P. Monday NIght Football on ABC.

Speaking of evening football, now that in 2006 that ESPN will air Monday Nights, what will happen to SUNDAY NIGHT football? find out soon...did you also know that in the first MNF game on ABC the Cleveland Browns beat the New York Jets 31-21 also? Wow, in both historical games the Jets had to lose by the same score. (No offense to Jets fans.)

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