18 February 2006

Three things quick

1. EVHS on the WikiPedia, the Free Encyclopedia


2. Friday, the EVHS newspaper printed was released, called "The Prowler". Basically, it covered school events and student's opinions.

3. Last night, I was watching the movie "Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price", which shows all the evils of Walmart. Did you know that many of Walmart's employees were cheated out of millions of dollars, which is why you can get things cheap there? Aah! Also, there's so much more there, that I can't tell you or else I'll spoil it. The film is pretty hard to find, so go on Amazon.com and order it there, it's probalby the easiest way to get it, as it had very limited promotion and didn't even show in some aresas of the USA - it didn't even screen in theaters in the San Francisco Bay Area!

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