28 February 2006

I Wonder Why...

I wonder why all the "controversy" on Myspace has dated back only back to November 2005?

According to the Wikipedia the popular open-source encyclopedia, Tom started Myspace in July 2003. A friend told me last week that Myspace established a 16-and-up restriction in the beginning. I looked at all my friends (16 and under) profiles, and i'm like, wow, he WAS right.

Check this out: on Monday, November 7, 2005, at Warren High School in San Antonio, TX, only 400 out of 3,000 students showed up to class due to a terrorstic threat for school shooting. Immediately, the students who posted the threats were identified and arrested. Note four words in the article: "popular teen web site". So i think around summer or fall 2005, the age limit was lowered to 14..nah never mind 13 because the COPPA protects you if you're 13 and using such sites as Myspace. (BUT THE ACTUAL TOS SAY 14) About a month after that, the principal of EVHS posted a message online regarding Myspace and the SJPD's concern over the site.

So Myspace isn't as new as i thought. It started out not very popular in summer 2003, used mostly by adults, older high schoolers, and college students. Since fall 2005, more and more of the 13-19 age group are using the site. The controversy over teens and Myspace started after Myspace allowed younger teens to use the site. Because back then if a  16-and-under person used the site he/she'd get kicked out.

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