22 November 2008

Some thoughts on the newer Sansa plugin

I recently upgraded the firmware for my almost-dead Sansa e250 music player, and it has its advantages/disadvantages. The good thing is that hopefully it'll be more stable and not freeze up like the older version did. Also for my songs with multiple collaborating performers that are entered on Windows Media Player's media library simultaneously, the new firmware displays all their names, as in "Artist1/Artist2/Artist3", "Artist#" representing a name. That way the other performers get the credit they deserve, like let's say T-Pain for Kanye West's "Good Life". However my e250 now responds slower in reaction upon pressing buttons. But for now I can survive, but I still need to find Nas' Illmatic and It Was Written - I can't live without those hip hop golden age era works from perhaps the most talented MC out there! But thankfully I still have NWA's Straight Outta Compton, all my Metallica songs, and all my rare death metal songs too.

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