02 November 2008

Quick follow-ups

- I sincerely apologise for my previous smear article about school. That's what happens when I get mad. I just go on my computer and damage a small portion of the Internet. Because honestly, I don't want to damage the real world and become the next Seung-Hui Cho.
- And my parents decided against taking the ACT since I'm already way too familiar with the SAT and I need to focus on real stuff like growing up and the personal statement. I hope that Mr West goes over 'em tomorrow in addition to reviewing George Orwell's 1984 - a pretty damn good novel right there!

1 comment:

Zuodi said...

what did you do wrong? you had a complaint and you voiced it

I don't think you have anything against people at the school; you just wish it were run more efficiently. nothing wrong with that, right?

as for the comments about how you should do more than "bitch"; ignore them. there is little you can do to influence school policy at your age, and many of the obvious suggestions that you could make will have been heard before and already ignored

remember that it is not your responsibility to "make your school better"; you have every right to complain when the people who ARE employed and paid to improve the schools aren't doing their job

right? :)