02 April 2006

Regarding the Mexican Immigration protests

This morning Mr. McDonough the principal announced to the school that they were aware of how some students ditched school to join in the protests against legislation that would make illegal immigration a felony. Any student in EVHS caught ditching would get disiplinary action. In fact, Friday some students at Huntington Beach, Calif. (near L.A.) ditched school to protest the legislation. Mr. McD said that he's not willing to give a bad rep to the school for letting people commit illegal activity to defend themselves. To anyone who wants to protest this leglislation, please, as Mr. McD said this morning (especially those of you who weren't here today or who don't go to EVHS) act LEGALLY. Join a protest when school isn't in session. Write to an elected official. Write to the newspaper's letters to the editor. In fact, don't be like that starving man in the Elie Wisel book Night - the man, who was desperate for food, runs in the middle of his concentration camp to get to the bowl of soup with the risk of getting shot, only to have his head fall into the hot soup.

UPDATE 4/2/2006: This from the Autodial message from Mr. McD this weekend:

"Finally, once again I was proud of the focus on EDUCATION shown by our students during a tempting "walk out" week.  Education is about "walking in"  and taking advantage of the rights to a free public education.  The issues surrounding current immigration legislation are important.  The decisions made will impact our community and the East Side.  Student voices can play an important part in the debate over legal vs. illegal immigration...those laws will effect the future of THEIR country.  Walk-outs have been effective strategies for protest in our nation's history, but I do not believe now is the time for such action.  I do encourage students to organize groups for discussion and we can provide open forums at Break, Lunch and after school for debate or to initiate petitions to our elected officials.  Those strategies are more appropriate than leaving the school and turning backs on one of the most important rights we have in this country...a free, quality public education!"

Yee! Congradulations for killing your temptations!

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