13 April 2006

Aaron Lewis's birthday; Proof's death

The bad news first...

WDIV-TV (NBC4 Detroit) - Rapper Proof Shot, Killed At Detroit Club

R.I.P. Deshaun "Proof" Holton, a member of the Detroit rap group D12, which also includes the rapstar Eminem. I haven't listened to a lot of D12 in the recent time being, I've been listening to a lot more metal and alternative. But this has shocked me since I'm an Eminem fan, and since this is closely related to Eminem/Shady Records/hip-hop and stuff.

R.I.P. DeShaun Holton, better known as "Proof" to hiphop fans, 10/2/1975-4/11/2006.

Hmm, this has shocked fans in the Midwest way more than in the SF Bay Area, since we're STILL mourning Mac Dre nearly 1 1/2 years after HE died (Dre died on 11/1/2004)

And KITS-FM (Live 105) - the SF Bay's only alt-rock station since Channel 104.9 went off the air back in January, reported this morning on the "Morning Music Co-Op" that it is Staind frontman Aaron Lewis's 34th birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON LEWIS! Tomorrow or Saturday watch for a review on Staind's live acoustic DVD "MTV Unplugged", which was recroded back in summer 2001. Staind's new albums suck, I wouldn't recommend listening to any Staind songs released after 2001's Break The Cycle. It's the fault of that moron Fred Durst, the former lead singer of Limp Bizkit, who produced Staind's music since 2001. I mean, Limp Bizkit was already enough of a joke, Mr. Durst, enough polluting the era of rock music already! Did you seriously know that when I first heard Staind's "Right Here" I thought I was listening to 3 Doors Down, the worst pop-rock band ever? Seriously, after Break The Cycle Staind went downhill from being the next Nirvana to just a plain-assed pop-rock band thanks to Fred Durst.

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