22 January 2012

Not even 11PM is out of reach of the PTC...

PTC's newest "Worst Cable Content of the Week" targets E! Entertainment network's late night talk show Chelsea Lately. (I won't watch any garbage on E! and prefer David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon and Craig Ferguson, but I find PTC just as dumb as Handler.) Putting the usual PTC banter about everyone subsidizing offensive programming aside, why target a late night show? The author listed several jokes with sexual and even a political bent, quoting a Bill Maher appearance:

Maher: “Religion makes people crazy…[religious people] just can’t think straight.”

Chelsea: “I hate Newt Gingrich, and everyone watching this show must also hate him…The point is to influence all my young girl [fans] who don’t know any better. You must hate Newt Gingrich, you understand?”

Hmm, when did the PTC ever target Fox News Channel for broadcasting Republican talking points as news all of the day and night? Or talk radio? You can hear worse things than "religious people can't think straight" on those outlets. And of course the usual message: " every cable subscriber in America – Democrat or Republican, parent or grandparent, religionist or teetotaler – is FORCED by cable giant (and E! and NBC owner) Comcast to subsidize Chelsea Lately"...but of course, does the author not realize that channels like EWTN or Fox News or the Word Network are subsidized by the godless liberal cable subscribers? More laughable is the PTC's claim that "Comcast [is] glamorizing Chelsea Handler’s irresponsible lifestyle and behavior to millions of children." If your kids are watching TV on school nights at 11PM then you are an irresponsible parent.

PTC reviewed shows for the week of Jan. 9-Jan. 13 and found they were all rated "TV-PG-DLS" (parental guidance suggested due to suggestive dialogue, language, and sexual situations). Well again this is a late night show. And my check of the zap2it.com and eonline.com listings finds that all of this week's Chelsea shows will be rated TV-14-DLS as the PTC desires; think about TV-14 as the movie PG-13 rating. If PTC is so outraged about Chelsea Handler why not target what David Letterman and Jay Leno are saying on the public airwaves at 11PM every night?

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