08 December 2010

8 December marks the death of two musical legends

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On 8 December 1980, former Beatles guitarist was shot and killed at his New York City apartment by crazed fan Mark David Chapman, who now remains imprisoned in New York and has been repeatedly denied parole. This is Lennon's 1971 hit "Imagine", from the album of the same name. That song, with its lyrics "Imagine there's no countries/It isn't hard to do/...no religion too" remains a classic anthem for peace and unity among humankind. According to Wikipedia, "Lennon was responsible for 27 Billboard Hot 100 [the American music chart] number one singles as performer, writer or co-writer."

As for his work with the Beatles, who performed together during the 1960s, among the hits that Lennon wrote included "Hey Jude" (1968):

"Hello Goodbye" was part of the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour:

Another one of my favourite Magical Mystery songs are "Penny Lane"

This is a clip from The Beatles Anthology of the Beatles performing "I Want to Hold Your Hand" (1963). I guess this should be the theme song of me and other single college guys

Another relatable Beatles song, this one from 1964, "It's been a hard day's night, and I've been working like a dog..."

The other musical legend who died on this day, also from being shot to death, was "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, guitarist for the heavy metal bands Pantera and Damageplan; he died in 2004 after being shot during a Damageplan concert in Ohio. The shooter, Nathan Gale, was allegedly angry at Dimebag for breaking up Pantera. This is "Cemetery Gates" from Pantera's 1990 debut album Cowboys from Hell:

Another signature American heavy metal masterpiece, this time a lot louder and faster: "Walk" (1992):

Dimebag joined Damageplan in 2003; that band released one album, New Found Power, in 2004. This is "Breathing New Life", the lead single from the album:

For the 1999 movie Detroit Rock City, Pantera covered Ted Nugent's 1970s hit "Cat Scratch Fever":

RIP, John Lennon and Dimebag Darrell Abbott, two musical legends still revered by many today for their immense, diverse talents.

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