26 January 2010

Oddities of the day

- Today was the first day of my second semester of college, but during the one class I had--Chemistry 1A lab--the instructor just took attendance and let us go. So I stayed on campus just to inquire about fraternities and eat lunch.
- On the bus on the way home, a man slipped and fell hard on the floor as he was finding a seat while the bus was moving. It had been raining today, and consequentially the floor was wet. He was carrying some drink he bought from Target, and it spilled and added more wetness to the floor. The man said he didn't feel hurt, but the driver stopped to report the incident as mandated. Driver and passenger exchange words a bit, then the driver dismisses all passengers. I left the scene via another route, but a friend of mine who stayed said that the fire department/paramedics came and took the man to the hospital. Of my experience riding VTA to and from San Jose State, this is the most unusual moment ever.
- PS: Last week, the San Jose State men's basketball team defeated two top-ranked Western Athletic Conference teams: Louisiana Tech (the best of the league!) and New Mexico State.

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