30 June 2009

Arrested tagger also was involved in DUI in 2006 (updated)

From today's San Jose Mercury News: "Santa Clara police arrest man suspected in yearlong tagging spree". That man is Roman Kosulin, a 2006 graduate of Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, yes I mean that Monta Vista High School where the overwhelmingly overachieving Asian student body is driving away the white folk. Kosulin is currently unemployed.

Out of pure curiousity, I Googled his name and found this old case: In re Alex B., in which said minor (that's why last name was withheld) asserted that the police violated his Fifth Amendment rights. The appeals court said no. This case resulted from Alex getting arrested for a DUI after leaving a party hosted by Kosulin.

UPDATE (August 18): Next month, Kosulin is to serve a year in prison and pay $7,525 in restitution. If not for a plea deal, he would've served a maximum three years plus eight months.

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