02 May 2009

More on "Southland"

Broadcasting & Cable has just reported that NBC will renew it for a second season. And the Parents Television Council's grievance against the show only tempted me more to watch it. PTC is concerned that The Jay Leno Show that'll take every weeknight 10pm (9pm central) timeslot might move Southland to an earlier timeslot..."as early as 8 p.m. in the Central/Mountain time zone" in their own words. PTC also pointed out that Southland has some bleeped words.

Well excuse me PTC, but I can name a LOT of other violent shows that air in the first 2 hours of primetime: Prison Break, 24, NCIS, CSI, and Flashpoint. So what's so surprising about Southland airing at an earlier time given that a lot of other shows have such violence and bleeping (Big Brother anyone?)

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