10 October 2008

The long-lost albums we've been waiting for

This morning, the Woody Show on local rock station 105.3 "Live 105" reported that Guns N' Roses's long-awaited Chinese Democracy album is finally coming out on 23 November 2008. Wikipedia cites articles from MTV News and Reuters for the date.

Meanwhile, Dr. Dre's Detox is now scheduled for sometime in December 2008, as confirmed by an official press release.

1 comment:

Zuodi said...

have you heard the reference tracks from Detox that leaked earlier this month?

they suck. what does Dr. Dre have left to say, anyways? he doesn't even write his own lyrics. what will his album be about? will he continue bragging about bitches, hoes, and how many cars he owns?

let's not forget that the man is already 43.

shit, he's like my dad's age.