05 May 2008

The early bird gets the worm

Just a few minutes ago I was registering for the SAT Subject Tests in Spanish and Biology for the June 7 administrations, whose deadline was tomorrow (May 6). Unfortunately I learned a pretty damn bitter lesson from registering at the last minute: although my first choice was my home schooL (evergreen valley) apparantly all its testing spaces were full so I got bumped over to my 2nd choice, Andrew Hill, which is a bit further away from where I live. Lesson learned: Plan your SAT/ACT registrations WELL in advance to guarantee that you get your local/closer school's test site!

In the meantime, sometime after the AP Exams are over I'll be writing about the Parents Television Council again, specifically on their latest report (some say would be mind-rotting garbage) The Rap on Rap, a content analysis on rap music videos shown during daytime hours on the cable networks BET and MTV. Now, I need to go back to studying American History and Calculus.

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