08 December 2006

Falling to an Unspeakable Urge....

As we music fans mourn today, 8 December, as the anniversaries of the deaths of musicians John Lennon (one of the singers/guitarists of the Beatles who died today in 1980) and "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott (former guitarist for the heavy metal bands Pantera and Damageplan, d. 2004), today in this year 2006 also was the day when students in Evergreen Valley High School were to turn in their applications to run for ASB office. That also marked the end of a certain thing you'll get to know once you're done reading this.

As many of you knew, I originally had an application, and all the week after thanksgiving vacation I was arguing with Kathleen and Alyson regarding survival within the office. They were good Democrats who were willing to follow anything the mass student body would bring up, and then in there arguments, I relised (conciously) that I wouldn't be a reputable leader because they pointed out that I wanted to lead the ASB like a dictator.

I felt the urge to campaign my new dictatorship to the EVHS students because of all the BS that's gone on within EVHS activities in recent times, such as:
- The cruddy homecomings and the 2006 Battle of the Classes (as of today I don't know about the 2007BOTC)
- The horrendous, junk, overplayed corporate radio music that gets played during lunch, with bias toward rap, R&B, and poser emo pop punk rock.
- The lunchtime activities that make me want to puke out my lunch

There are others I'm sure I've forgotten. This urge led my ego to urge me to be a democrat like Kathleen is right now as c/o 2009 president and be more open midned about the mass student bodys opinions. Then my id told me not to listen to my liberal Democratic side and summon to my Mao Zedong side, which convinced me that ruling like he did back in the Communist revolution in China would do better for EVHS's ASB. My superego and ego fight back, convincing me to be more like John Kerry and Phil Angelides. My id throws a bunch of burning Japanese flags and swatsikas in front of me, convincing that Hitler = supreme. My head spins as I try to fill in my application, with my running getting hyped across all my classes, and even ppl in my classes who i rarely talked to were excited. I couldn't fill in my application, because I had no idea how to given the fight earlier between my id (Communist Party of China) and ego (Democratic Party of USA). Finally, I could take no more. After the weekend of 1 December confusing myself with my id and ego and the next couple days of confusion as well, on Tuesday 5 December I returned my application up to the door at the activites office, giving up. And then today, 8 December came, with a black cat looming at my backyard, reminding me of the spirits of John Lennon and Dimebag Darrell. It also reminded me that some people who suported these pathetic activities are turning in their apps, and I'm gonna suffer a week in hell with their nonsensical campaigns.

So, peoples, with my story of things learned from my English class who was reading William Golding's Lord of the Flies, you have understood that my id caused me not to run. Then it convinced me that I can have more to camapign for in the class elections in May, after 5 months of additional bull I mentioned above. So after 5 months of homework, piano, basketball, logging EVHSBS, studying in AP World History, preparing to skip 11th grade, etc., YOU WILL FIND my name in your ballott on 25 May 2007, I swear! By May 2007, I will have a far fiercer and stronger campaign than what I could've made right now if I did it.

Now, I need some sleep.

Oh, if your curious about all this psychological language I was just using, check out this handout from my English teacher. It's a PDF file, so you need the latest version of Acrobat Reader to view it, and you need to rotate it clockwise within the application, as for some reason the document was flipped sidways.

R.I.P. John Lennon, 9 October 1940-8 December 1980
R.I.P. "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, 20 August 1966-8 December 2004

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