12 July 2007

More evidence of the Free Ozzfest Ticket scam

(you need to click the image to see the whole thing)

Woo hoo, so those in Seattle who wanted free tickets had to go out-of-town to pick up free tickets - to miss the Second Stage acts and be possibly late to the Main Stage. What a joke. Get your tickets for free and miss practically half the concert. If you've seen my Myspace page lately, if you see the "SCREW YOU OZZY OSBOURNE" thing, you know what i mean. I think we need to file class action lawsuit against Ozzy & his greedy War Pigs. In fact, this isn't the FIRST time Ozzy's been involved in crap. Tommorrow, possibly, I'll blog about all of Ozzy Osbourne's controversies.

But I've seen the Ozzfest Seattle photo gallery, and I guess that the Seattle metalheads must've gone out of their minds just to get tickets. Maybe they got them through promotions by Ozzy Osbourne's new cd "Black Rain", buying Monster Energy drinks, or going on Stubhub. I don't know. Certainly I'm not going to the Mountain View ozzfest, as I'm pretty sure that Live Nation will mistreat me and the other fans as they did to Seattle.

The "free Ozzfest" thing seemed too good to be true at first. And now we've all realized that we were right of our first impression. It's not fair that untalented mainstream "recording artists" like Justin Timberlake or "tours" like Wild 94.9 Bomb (Chris Brown, T-Pain, Bow Wow, Danity Kane, and all sorts of pseudo-hip-pop rappers) or Project Revolution (emo/poser rock like Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, H.I.M.), can organize well, yet tours of REAL recording artists like Ozzfest can't serve their fans well. I hope that Ozzy goes to rehab and makes a better Ozzfest 2008. I'd rather pay for tickets and get good seats than get "free" tickets for a crappy seat right before show time or halfway into the concert.

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