07 February 2007

Back to normal

Well, the stupidly easy California High School Exit Exam is over with. My life at school can come back to normal. Of course, I either do this correctly on time or will not get my high school diploma. Anyway, the English portion of the test was all right, nothing way too easy, as all the questions were reasonably at my level, given I've taken honors english all in high school. However, the math portion goes just all the way up to Algebra I/Geometry, and given that in both days I was testing with my AP World History class, we were pretty much out of control the last hour of the testing session, so the teacher who was supervising us had to keep telling us to be quiet.

Tommorrow, Thursday, is not the block day as usual given the exit exam schedules. Now I can see all my classmates from all my classes the next two days.

Oh yeah, it's almost Valentine's Day, so I need to find a way to get her to love me.

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