11 January 2007


Chemistry class: Watched a boring Nova DVD about the scientists who influenced/were influenced by Albert Einstein, and we had to take notes about what each scientist discovered and when. Gee whiz, how much filler did there hafta be? English: Went to the school library to research/start our final essays that'll take the place of a final exam. We had to parallel the major themes of the novels we read to current events/issues. Wow, how exciting. Spanish: took a 175-question multiple choice final exam. Thus, this leaves the final block scheudle days with only three real final exams: Algebra II (Wendesday) and Chemistry/PE (Thursday)!! Friday is practically a kick-back day as I've oberserved, as in English we'll be presenting PowerPoints & essays all class, and Spanish we'll be watching our final video projects. All day today, people at school, especially the girls, were hyping about the Justin Timberlake concert. I'm excited about that because I hope someone will break in the HP Pavilion to shoot JT. Wow, what an untalented Hollywood hack he is. When the Summer Olympics come to Beijing, China in 2008, I doubt anyone will even like JT's music anymore. In the meantime, during lunch today I heard from a girl that Killswitch Engage is just noise. Well, I'm sorry, but she judged from the raw stuff that KsE did back in 2000-2002. Now is 2006, their new album As Daylight Dies has cleaner production and has former Blood Has Been Shed vocalist Howard Jones on vocals. Howard Jones is a great singer, with a strong vocal range, as shown in the video for "My Curse" (it's on my main profile page, music section). KsE isn't all screaming, at least if you listen to their Howard Jones-era stuff. They have their softer, more melodic parts, unlike you preps who shop at Abercrombie and stereotype heavy metal based on the posers like Limp Bizkit or Deicide.

Justin Timberlake:
You need to die tonight.

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