22 November 2006

Thanksgiving: Thanks and Nothanks

Tommorrow, 23 November 2006, is the day that my family will be leaving for vacation in southern California and Baja California, Mexico. Yes, we will be crossing the border, and we made all the legal arrangements already, so don't be annyoing me with all this "illegal crossing" stuff. Anyway, I would like to thank my family for providing me with this vacation, for sure it will open my eyes to new culture down in Mexico, as well as seeing downtown Los Angeles and San Diego the first time in my life. I went to the outskirts of LA in 2001 and 2002 for the theme parks, not downtown LA or Compton or anywhere like that. Let's hope that Interstate 405, which my math teacher once referred to as "the devil's highway", is not too crowded for the holiday, as it's like eight lanes wide to the L.A. int'l airport, and it was so crowded once that it took him four hours to go ten miles on 405. But overall, i'm expecting a fun vacation and break from the dreaded AP World History work and homework and all the other worries.

In addition, I've been watching the news and media lately and found some other positive and negative things i'd like to thank and diss. Thanks to:
- News Corporation: They made Fox cancel their two-part special originally scheduled to air this wednesday and friday promoting O.j. simpson's new account on his murder of nicole brown simpson, If I Did It. The book, which woud've been released on 30 November 2006, had its release cancelled by Harpercollins publishers. NC owns both Fox TV and Harpercollins. Wow, I've heard that Simpson intended the book to be "hypothetical" if he really was the one who killed Nicole. Hmm, so far he owes like $33M to the estates of Brown for damages. O.J. is obviously a very unintelligent man who B.S.'ed his way into getting away with murder. He needs to tell the truth right away, or else the controversy shall continue...
- My various teachers and classmates at Evergreen Valley High School for helping me succeed in my sophomre year.
- Heather Gomez, for uploading a petition online calling: "For the Prevention of Cyber-Terrorism on Myspace". Gee whiz, it was bad enough for cyber-bullies and child molesters to pop up on this site, but TERRORISTS? Eww...

And then, my nothanks to certain things I disliked. If you don't want to read them, skip this section, comment on my positives, then do something else today.
- If Fox could cancel a horrendous, schandenfruede special that some alleged that O.j. simpson was gonna profit off of his murders, why didn't fox cancel FAMILY GUY this year, which is the worst show EVER to hit the airwaves! Seriously, family guy isn't that well written! It's jokes are all random and irrelevant to the plot. It's such a bad show that it makes me wanna support the O.J. Simpson special!!!!
- On 11 January 2007, Justin Timberlake's national tour promoting his new CD (crap dirt), FutureSex/LoveSounds, will hit the HP Pavilion in San Jose, the concert was sponsered by local trash music station KYLD-FM "Wild 94.9", the station that screwed badly my music tastes in high school. (See my profile for current music tastes, and the CD i'm listening to now below in "Currently Listening"). Thanks Kathleen for pointing out the tour date and Rishabh for mentioning the sponsorship of 94.9; I didn't check this info myself becuase I don't want my eyes to bleed. Meanwhile, the local rock station I listen to regularly, KSAN-FM "107.7 the Bone" this month has been giving away tix to Guns N' Roses's concert that'll be in 15 December in Oakland. The concert is part of the bands tour promoting their upcoming CD Chinese Democracy. The station give out tickets when it's raining anytime this month, in conjunction with the bands hit song "November Rain". So far there were only like four or five rainy days in San Jose and seven or eight in the whole Bay Area. Well, I'm not 18 yet, so I can't legally win the tix, according to 107.7's sweepstakes policy. But, according to the bands official website, on the tourdates page, they played a show in San Francisco on 20 and 21 September, and they'll play Oakland on 15 December, but NO STOP IN SAN JOSE WHEN THE UNTALENTED JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE WILL COME TO TOWN? Hey, although Slash left GNR in 2002, I'd rather listen to the GNR w/o Slash then Justin Timberlake water down with DJ's and all that junk. Even if GNR turns out to be washed down from their efforts in Appetite for Destruction, I'm sure it won't be like Metallica in St. Anger, and GNR will always pwn Justin Timberlake any day now!

So, overall, I'm exicted to be heading down to SoCali and Mexico. Have a happy Thanksgiving everybody, and